Batch & Continuous Plants

Whether you require a batch packaging system for smaller runs or continuous for high volumes. Bag & Bulk Handling will supply you with the right system that will ensure, quality, repeatability and accuracy to meet your company goals.

Batch Blending Systems:

Batch blending machinery is a type of equipment or system used in various industries to mix and blend multiple components or ingredients together in discrete, controlled batches. It is commonly used in processes where precise proportions and thorough mixing of ingredients are crucial for producing high-quality products.


Accurate Measurement: Our Batch blending systems are equipped with advanced loadcells and controllers that ensure precise quantities of each ingredient that is added to the mixing vessel, guaranteeing consistency in the final blend.


Mixing Mechanism: BBH Blenders, incorporate mixing mechanisms such as tulip knives or twin-shaft paddles to thoroughly combine the ingredients into a homogeneous mixture.


Control Systems: Our machinery is equipped with simple control systems that allow operators to set and monitor various parameters such as mixing time and speed.

Continuous Blending Systems: 

Our systems are designed to support continuous production lines, providing efficiency and speed for high volume packaging requirements. This machinery excels in delivering consistent packaging results in continuous manufacturing processes. 

Continuous flow: BBH systems ensure you a constant flow of production that creates predictability and an uninterrupted packaging process. 

High-Speed Operation: With advanced control systems and conveyors, our systems can handle a high volume of product per minute, optimizing productivity. 

Consistency: Our blending plants ensure that every bag will be mixed to the exact same consistency and be the same weight every time, granting you a seamless process.

BBH’s blending machinery plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, consistency, and efficiency of manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries, helping companies meet strict quality control and production standards.