Overview: Our multi-purpose packaging machinery is engineered to meet the diverse packaging needs of the fertilizer, breweries, animal feed, sugar, maize, pulses and many more industries. Offering efficiency, precision, and flexibility, this advanced packaging system is a reliable solution for businesses seeking high-quality packaging for their products.

Customizable Packaging Options: BBH accommodate various packaging formats, including bags, pouches, cartons, and bulk containers, ensuring that it can adapt to the specific requirements of each industry it serves.

High-Speed Packaging: With a cutting-edge conveyor system and automated filling mechanisms, this machinery can achieve high packaging speeds, catering to the large-scale production demands of the fertilizer, breweries, and sugar industries.

Precision Weighing and Filling: The machinery is equipped with advanced weighing and filling technology that ensures accurate measurement and filling of products, guaranteeing consistency in each package.

User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive touchscreen interface allows operators to easily monitor production, and adjust as needed, reducing the risk of errors and downtime.

Maintenance and Safety: The system is designed for easy maintenance and includes safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and real-time monitoring of critical components.


Versatility: Bag & Bulk Handling offers a one-stop solution for packaging a wide range of products, reducing the need for multiple machines, and saving space on the production floor.

Efficiency: High-speed packaging and precise measurements result in increased production output, reducing labour costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Quality Assurance: The machinery's precision and control mechanisms ensure that products are packaged consistently and accurately, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction.

Adaptability: As the packaging requirements of the industries evolve, our software can be easily reconfigured to meet new standards and demands.

Reliability: Built with robust components and backed by comprehensive customer support, this machinery is designed to operate reliably for extended periods.


Our machinery is the packaging machinery of choice for businesses in the fertilizer, breweries, animal feed, sugar, maize, and pulses industries, offering the flexibility, efficiency, and quality assurance necessary for successful product packaging in these diverse sectors.