• BBH Controller

    BBH Controller

    A packaging controller with advanced features like reporting, wireless communication and customized software is designed to optimize packaging processes in various industries. It combines technology and tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.


    Efficiently control feed rate on loss in weight feeders with continuous flow monitoring and adjustment, automatic refilling with level control, and accurate dosing.


    Accurately measure or control throughput at rates in excess of 60 tons per hour.

    Custom Applications:

    We can accommodate special requirements which are not available in our off-the-shelf software or develop complete solutions from the ground up in partnership with the end-user.


    Operator friendly:

    7 or 12" colour touch screen which adjusts for ambient light conditions and can be used with gloves.

    Scale operations, data entry and program navigation through a built-in keypad, on-screen keyboard or an external USB keyboard.

    Configurable users with roles and access rights.

    Multi-language operation.


    Quick and simple backing up and restoring of the application program and configurations with a USB flash drive for minimal downtime when swapping out a controller.

    Simple to upgrade from older generations of controllers.


    Signal processing, I control, network communications and the operator interface are all combined in a single indicator, reducing the need for peripheral equipment such as PLCs.

    Seamless integration:

    Industry-Leading onboard capabilities:


    Ethernet TCP/IP

    Wi-Fi® and Wi-Fi Direct


    RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports

    Other industrial communication interface options available through option cards.

    Built-in web server for remote access, systems integration and data monitoring.

    Printing to a wide variety of printers via USB or TCP/IP.

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